We Are Both Losing Weight!

My sister has been overweight most of her life. I have a few extra pounds on me too, but she has about 100 extra pounds on her. When she asked me not long ago if I would help her devise the right diet so she could lose weight, I thought it would be easy enough to do. However, it took us just two weeks to realize that we needed a lot more help than what I could give either one of us. I went online to do some research, which is how I found a Blue Apron reviews overview.

I had never even heard of Blue Apron until I started this research, but I am so glad that I did find them and learn all about the awesome service that they offer. One of the problems that my sister and I had was finding the right foods that we both wanted to eat. See, I had decided to go on this program with her, because I knew that it is much easier to lose weight when you have a buddy system in place. (more…)

amimo / June 12, 2016 / Uncategorized