Gum Disease Will Ruin Your Teeth

I needed a Tracy dentist in the worst way due to gum disease. It is pretty obvious to say that periodontal disease will ruin your teeth, but people still tend to ignore it until it’s too late to save your choppers. I moved down here a couple of years ago and didn’t spend any time looking for a dentist. I’ll just do it later I told myself, but kept putting it off even as I noticed some bleeding and felt plaque building up on my teeth.

Then one day I was eating my favorite snack, caramels, and felt one of my teeth shift. There was a slight cracking sound too. None of that boded well, to say the least. Sure enough one of my upper molars was now loose and painful to chew on. Instead of doing what I needed to do, I just started eating on the other side of my mouth. Flash forward about six months and the tooth was really, really loose. (more…)

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Seniors Need to Be Careful when Outdoors in Extreme Temperatures

The winter season has always made me so happy. I try to wait for it patiently every year. But now that I’m older, I have to be more careful when the temperatures fall down to 5 degrees of less. Just one thing that has happened to me is that I slipped on the ice outside and broke my hip. It took a long time to heal, and when it finally did, I still had problems I went to a Cumming chiropractor to get some help because of it. I am quite pleased at the outcome.

It’s quite strange to me that no one really talks about cold weather and how that can affect seniors. (more…)

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One Throw Was Too Much

I signed up for a martial arts class for the purpose of learning self defense. I was really getting into the class and was improving quickly. One day in class, the students were practicing moves with a partner. While practicing a throw move, I threw my opponent my arm, but I pulled a muscle while doing it. I couldn’t do anything for the rest of the class because I was in pain, so I just went home. I looked through a list of Pleasanton chiropractors and found one that I could go to for treatment.

The chiropractor confirmed what I had already guessed about my back and told me not to do any martial arts moves for a while. I could still go to class, but I couldn’t do anything except watch. (more…)

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Those Sheets of Drywall Were Tougher on My Back Than They Were Years Ago

It was not all that difficult to renovate our daughter’s bedroom down to the framing. I threw out the all the debris onto tarps from the window in her room. Ruiz Morgan and I ran all new wiring and put new plumbing in the connected bathroom. My wife and our daughter helped me carry all the new drywall up the stairs. It was over 20 sheets. I did great up until that point. I wanted to bear most of the weight of the drywall carrying it up the stairs and I paid for it. I had to look up Sacramento chiropractors and pick one to visit. I really did a number on my back.

We saved a lot of money with me doing the renovations to her room and bathroom. (more…)

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Keeping My Crooked Back As Pain Free As Possible

My back is not straight. It is not twisted too bad, but it causes me problems. I get this electrical type of pain that burn and tingle. I can usually get relief by stretching or changing position. It can get really bad when I am seated trying to type on the computer. I try to sit straight, but I cannot maintain it. My neck hurts a lot. I will get headaches and I feel like my shoulders and arms are falling asleep. You know that tingly bug feeling you get when you lay on your arm. My Vancouver chiropractor helps me to feel as good as I can.

If I sit wrong I can get pain everywhere. I can twist my neck a certain way and make it tingle above my right ear. I know that is nerve conduction interruption due to pressure on a nerve. Those nerves that flow out of my spine communicating with my entire body get some extra pressure on one side because of my back not being straight. I have made some dramatic improvements with exercise, stretching and building up muscles. (more…)

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Chiropractic Medicine Helped Me Get My Back in Shape So I Could Get into Shape Overall

I was not one to treat my body great when I was younger. I did not do anything illegal. I am talking about eating bacon every day, being sedentary, consuming alcohol and enjoying cigars and chewing tobacco. I smoked cigarettes for a time too. In my thirties I started to feel some aches and pains. I had quit the alcohol and tobacco, and I even became a vegetarian. My cholesterol was now great, but my back ached like a toothache. My doctor told me to go see a chiropractor in Campbell. He said that all the years of being unfit have taken a toll on my muscle mass. I was pretty weak for my age.

The chiropractor helped me get my back into alignment from my neck down. I started to feel a lot better. (more…)

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