I Went Riding in the Canyons

I met this great girl about two months ago and things have been going along smoothly, albeit slowly. I am not about to rush her, since it is obvious that she is the one who is driving the bus if you get what I mean. At any rate she took me up in the canyons last weekend and I met her uncle and aunt. They own a place out there with a lot of land, and they have about eight to ten horses and some other livestock. At any rate I ended up looking for Peoria chiropractors when I got back into the city. We rode horses all weekend, although it has been about a decade since I was on a horse and back then I was not all that good at it. I used to do it occasionally when I visited my grandparents, who lived in an area where a lot of people owned horses. (more…)

amimo / August 17, 2017 / Uncategorized