Fighting for My Life is What I Plan to Do Now

I have leukemia that has gone into remission. This makes me so grateful for my wife and the doctors who are caring for me. My wife is the one who has been pushing me every day to make it through this. She was the one who pushed me to go to a Marlton medical marijuana dispensary after I had been putting it off. I wasn’t against it at all. I had just become so depressed that I felt there is nothing that could help me. I was giving up. I knew that on some level, but my wife was the one who could see it even more clearly. She demanded that I listen to her and actually do everything that I can about my situation.

I’ve never been a major tough guy or someone who is really soft. I am just an average guy who was living a nice life up until the time that I was diagnosed. I have two children, and I work hard to support them and my wife. My job has taken me out of town often, which means that I have missed out on too much of my home life. I kept pushing myself at work while reminding myself that I would not have to keep working so hard for the rest of my life. I told myself that I would be able to slow down one day, and then I would be able to catch up with things that I have missed at home.

When the doctor sat me down in his office and told me that I have leukemia, I sat there for a moment thinking about how I would miss out on being home more with my kids and wife. I told myself that I might not make it. I was quitting before I even got started. Then, I became a full-on quitter as I got further into treatment. It is very lucky that my wife recognized this in me and has helped me to stand up and push back.

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They Helped Me to Get Healthy

I never thought I would see a chiropractor in San Leandro to help me get healthier. If I had been in a car accident, I can definitely see being at one. If I was injured playing a game of ball, then that is one of the doctors I would want on my recovery team. Even if my wife was pregnant, I’d understand her wanting to go see a chiropractor since that is pretty common knowledge anymore for pregnant women. However, I had no idea that my doctor would suggest that I see a chiropractor when I told him that I wanted to get serious about getting in better shape.

I knew that meant more than just eating less and exercising more. If it was that easy, I could have done this on my own. (more…)

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I Need to Fix My Back

I have been thinking really hard about what I need to do about the pain in my back. It is fairly obvious that a doctor really is not a very good choice when it comes to this sort of thing. They can do two things for you, neither of which is very appealing. They can cut you open and go poking around in your back with sharp tools, which can obviously end in catastrophe. Or they can give you drugs, which I do not want any part of. A Petaluma chiropractor is a different thing, but it is not without it’s own risks. They do not open you up with a knife, but they are moving the vertebra around and that is not something you want a clown college valedictorian to do you. (more…)

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The Mechanics of Chronic Back Pain That Chiropractic Can Deal with

Have you ever had someone get on your nerves? I am reasonably certain that you have. They start out as a slight annoyance that builds to a crescendo of irritation that gets so bad that you want to scream or grab them and shake them silly. Ironically, back pain is like that too, and it is often caused by the same thing-nerve irritation. I heard that even the weight of a US quarter on a nerve can cause impairment or pain. I make visits to my Sacramento chiropractor to get the pressure off of my back. Literally, the pressure that is getting on the nerves in my back.

You have a super highway of nerves going into your back where two-way information for everything from your breathing to getting your stomach to digest your food travels through. Put a little pressure on just one of the nerves caused by a misaligned vertebra, and you get pain along with impairment. You get the pain from the nerve irritation caused by the pressure, and the body part the nerve serves is impaired due to the issues of nerve conduction being altered. (more…)

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