Alternative Therapies Are Really Helpful

I did not think that I was a person who was going to be so into alternative therapy. I really got into essential oils when my friend was using them and I knew that her chiropractor was the person who got her into them. I did not think that simply by smelling something, you can instantly feel better. It feels like when you get a coffee and you need the energy from the caffeine, it’s kind of like that feeling when you don’t feel good and then at that moment the scent takes your brain to a totally new area. I find that it helps me feel happy when I feel sad. The peppermint does this for me. I found that there were a lot of people who I knew that wanted to know more about them so I started to find out everything that I could about them. I wanted to know the science behind it, why does one scent have such a change in your mind and body? What is the major way that they can affect your whole mood and change your entire outlook on the day?

It does seem to work immediately and start to work the second that you put them on your body or smell them. It is really eye opening when you see how many things online are for the subject of just essential oils. There are two huge companies that sell them via an almost pyramid type scheme. But, I do have to say that I like the one that has one word for it’s name, and they seem to have the most ethical business practices. Many people think that they do not need the oils and that it will not change them at all but once they see it and try it, they like it.

amimo / March 12, 2018 / Uncategorized