Dental Procedures Available Today That Were Not Available to Me when I Had Root Canals Done

Years ago I had one root canal fail. Then I needed another root canal a few years later. After some time, it eventually failed too. This happened a couple of more times. The technology back then was not what it is now. Dental medical professionals can now perform an apicoectomy, which is surgery of the root tip. It is very delicate work that even involves using a microscope for surgery. This can save teeth that have had a root canal done that needs treatment again. This was not something that was even offered to me years ago when my root canals failed.

I would really have benefited from this if it had been available back then. This is because I have lost those teeth. They ended up needing to be extracted. It is amazing how far dental technology has come. It sure is out of the dark ages of pull em’ or fill em’! There are options available today to save teeth that would otherwise have been lost just not all that long ago. This technology is also rapidly advancing. It is amazing what can be done today. Just think of dental implants. You can avoid dentures even if you have lost teeth. They can implant teeth that are permanently in place and look as real as your real teeth. No putting them in a glass beside the bed at night. They are like real teeth.

It really does not matter today if your teeth are crooked, loose, diseased or damaged. There is technology to not only give you a great looking smile, there is dental procedures to keep your smile looking great throughout your whole life. I am so happy that this is all available now. I do not want dentures, and will do anything I can to avoid getting them. I know they work out great for many people, I just prefer not to have them.

amimo / January 15, 2015 / Uncategorized