Get the Right Athletic Shoes for Your Feet and Do Not Skimp on the Quality

Foot problems are no fun whatsoever. Your feet are your foundation. You can have strong legs, a powerful core and cardio capacity to run marathons, but if your feet are not good, you are out of the game. I was looking at to find out the best athletic footwear to use based on specific foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. Running shoes are not cheap, and you want to be able to get ones that will not make your feet worse. I was hoping to find footwear for sports that would actually improve my overall foot health.

I do know that most people keep their sports shoes too long. If you are a daily jogger, you are looking at replacing your shoes once every three months at least. The same may go for walkers. It all depends on the miles you log as well as your weight and the terrain you move in. My wife wears the tread right off of her walking shoes because we walk for miles every day. I am a hiking boot guy when it comes to walking, so I get more tread miles out of my footwear than she does. Athletic shoes typically have softer soles than boots.

You can buy cheap shoes, but why do it? Sports comes with a cost even if it is just exercise types of sports such as walking or light jogging. The benefits for your health outweigh the costs. Choosing better shoes helps your feet to stay healthy, but special foot conditions may require looking for shoes that have certain features. My wife has normal feet but has pain if she does not buy walking shoes that have memory foam. I need ankle support or am very uncomfortable walking or working. We do a lot of walking in the rain, so waterproof is a must for me. I cannot stand walking with wet feet. It does not bother my wife. Everyone is different.

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