Getting Help from Someone else is the Only Thing That Helped Me to Stop

It was so upsetting to know that I could not smoke, even though I wanted to. I started doing it in my teens, and I had zero idea how it would affect the rest of my life. I really had no idea what addiction was back then, no matter how many times it was explained to me by teachers, parents, etc. You don’t know what it does to you until it happens to you. It was suggested to me that I try Chicago acupuncture to try to kick the habit. I was surprised to hear it because I did not know that would help. After what I had been through for 3 decades, I was ready to try anything, though.

I remember forcing myself to continue to smoke as a teen, even though I really did not like it. It made no sense at all when I look back at that now. It is amazing how the teenage brain does not think things through very well. Soon enough, I was addicted. I tried to stop a few times here and there, but immediately started back up again. I had no idea how many more years of that terrible habit would plague me. I also spent thousands of dollars on this horrible habit over the decades. I bet that I could buy half of a new house with all that money! I could have taken many trips to other countries and other things that are so much smarter than buying cigarettes, too.

It was going to get acupuncture that finally helped me when nothing else did. At my appointment, I explained that I had tried and failed with quitting about 15 different times over the years. I explained that nothing I did on any of the occasions worked, and I was tired of feeling like a slave to it. After just three sessions, I no longer felt the need to buy or do any sort of smoking anymore!

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