Gum Disease Will Ruin Your Teeth

I needed a Tracy dentist in the worst way due to gum disease. It is pretty obvious to say that periodontal disease will ruin your teeth, but people still tend to ignore it until it’s too late to save your choppers. I moved down here a couple of years ago and didn’t spend any time looking for a dentist. I’ll just do it later I told myself, but kept putting it off even as I noticed some bleeding and felt plaque building up on my teeth.

Then one day I was eating my favorite snack, caramels, and felt one of my teeth shift. There was a slight cracking sound too. None of that boded well, to say the least. Sure enough one of my upper molars was now loose and painful to chew on. Instead of doing what I needed to do, I just started eating on the other side of my mouth. Flash forward about six months and the tooth was really, really loose. One day I woke up and my tooth just fell out of my mouth! I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t even hurt or bleed, but there it was sitting in my hand.

Obviously, I needed to finally get in and see someone about this. I had visions of smiling into a mirror and only seeing gums. And I’m not an old person. Dentures just struck me as a disaster for someone of my age. So I found a great place and went in and sure enough my gums were raging with disease. I ended up getting a deep scaling and a dental implant to replace the molar. The dentist was great, the staff was wonderful, and most importantly I didn’t get a huge lecture about taking care of your teeth. No one likes to be lectured when we already know we messed up!

amimo / December 15, 2016 / Uncategorized