I Am Getting Healthy Again This Year

When I was a kid, I used to go with my dad to a chiropractor in San Jose that my dad really trusted. I have no idea why I have not gone to one in recent years when my back trouble started up. Somehow, I just started going to a regular medical physician to get a prescription here and there when I needed it. But it suddenly occurred to me to try what my dad did to see if that would help me.

I told myself that with the start of the new year, I was going to get healthy. I was going to do what I could to make myself mentally and physically healthy. For my mental health, I planned to go through my home and simplify all my belongings. All the clutter was stressing me out. Too much clutter means more things to clean, and it also affects the way you think. So, I spent time with my wife cleaning up our place and throwing out anything that we do not need. I felt like a weight was lifted by the time that we got it all finished. And the best part is that it only took a couple of weekends to do.

Next, I had been having back trouble on and off for many months, until I seemed to have more bad days than not. The pain started out pretty light, but it steadily grew worse over time. It finally became unbearable at times, and I worried that it would become an every day occurrence. I decided that chiropractic treatments would be worth a try, so I found a nearby business that does it and made an appointment. There, I learned what I can do to keep my back in better shape and I received the treatments that are making me feel vital and pain-free again.

amimo / January 8, 2016 / Uncategorized