I Find This to Be Well Worth Doing

I work out and take good care of my body. Neither of my parents did, and I saw what sort of health troubles they had for many years as a result. By the time they were in their 70s, they were tired, had limited mobility and they were always in pain. I wanted to alleviate that for myself. But even with as good of care as I give myself, our backs and necks can become problematic over time. That is why I go to a chiropractor in Mesa AZ as much as I can. It really helps.

I am a runner and have been since I was a teenager. I always had a natural inclination to run. When other kids were walking slowly to school, I felt the urge to jog or walk. I loved it and it was exhilarating. This carried on over into my adult years, too. I run about 3 times per week and five miles at a time. I always make sure to do stretching exercises beforehand so that I don’t cause myself harm without warming up first.

A few years ago, I was stretching and I pulled something in my back. This was frustrating because I was not doing anything harsh. I then could not run for at least a few weeks while my back stopped hurting. I began running again, and then a week later, I had the same trouble again while stretching before a morning run. The pattern continued for many months.

I could not stand the pain and the downtime any longer, so I began going to the chiropractor on a continual basis. I had been told that it can be a helpful way to get back on track without having to take pain meds that doctors throw at you. The advice was right, as there has been no problems for me since.

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