I Was Having No Fun at All with the Aftermath of Adult Acne

When the severe acne began showing up on my face a few years ago, I thought it would just be a temporary issue. I had no idea that it would be sticking around for awhile. I tried to hide it the best that I could with makeup, assuming that it would soon go away. But it was soon apparent that I was going to be stuck with the issue for awhile. Then, I began noticing the scarring happening on my face. I was mortified. I was hoping that there is a way to get rid of acne scars easily.

I have never been a person who spends much time looking in the mirror. In fact, after I left my teen years, I noticed that I only looked in the mirror each morning as I got ready for work. But with a face full of pimples, I found myself suddenly spending a lot of time in front of the mirror looking at my face from every angle. I would look again and again to see if the foundation makeup that I was wearing was covering all the blemishes on my face. I would turn my face to the side to see if the bumps were large enough for others to see. Then, I would find myself poking and prodding at each of the bumps. This is what caused the major scarring. I soon found myself checking my face repeatedly throughout the day. I felt that I was being obsessive and it made me feel so ashamed.

I knew that I needed to get some help because the problem was growing worse. But seing a dermatologist was out of the question because I don’t have any health insurance. Luckily, I learned there’s an over-the-counter cream that people use and it does wonders for their complexion. It’s much cheaper to pay for vs. a doctor visit, so I bought some. It works really well and the imperfections in my skin are disappearing now with regular use.

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