I Went Riding in the Canyons

I met this great girl about two months ago and things have been going along smoothly, albeit slowly. I am not about to rush her, since it is obvious that she is the one who is driving the bus if you get what I mean. At any rate she took me up in the canyons last weekend and I met her uncle and aunt. They own a place out there with a lot of land, and they have about eight to ten horses and some other livestock. At any rate I ended up looking for Peoria chiropractors when I got back into the city. We rode horses all weekend, although it has been about a decade since I was on a horse and back then I was not all that good at it. I used to do it occasionally when I visited my grandparents, who lived in an area where a lot of people owned horses.

At any rate we camped out on this mesa and we did some fishing, she is good at all of this stuff and she really did all of the work when it came to this sort of thing. I set up the tent and started a fire, she caught three fish and taught me how to clean it. Of course we had to be super careful about the fire. I dug a hole and surrounded it with rocks, so that no matter what we would have no fire. Of course all of this stuff is a lot more activity than I am used to and you are walking up and down steep slopes. The horse does not want to carry you up the side of a mountain, you get off and lead it up. At any rate my back is really sore right now and I guess it will not get better on it’s own.

amimo / August 17, 2017 / Uncategorized