Keeping My Crooked Back As Pain Free As Possible

My back is not straight. It is not twisted too bad, but it causes me problems. I get this electrical type of pain that burn and tingle. I can usually get relief by stretching or changing position. It can get really bad when I am seated trying to type on the computer. I try to sit straight, but I cannot maintain it. My neck hurts a lot. I will get headaches and I feel like my shoulders and arms are falling asleep. You know that tingly bug feeling you get when you lay on your arm. My Vancouver chiropractor helps me to feel as good as I can.

If I sit wrong I can get pain everywhere. I can twist my neck a certain way and make it tingle above my right ear. I know that is nerve conduction interruption due to pressure on a nerve. Those nerves that flow out of my spine communicating with my entire body get some extra pressure on one side because of my back not being straight. I have made some dramatic improvements with exercise, stretching and building up muscles. The goal is to build the muscles appropriately to compensate for the twist in my back. Anything to help pull me up straight as possible.

The adjustments give me a lot of relief. It feels like a rush of warmth when the nerve communication is restored after my Vancouver chiropractor does a spinal adjustment on me. I find that regular visits help me stay as comfortable as possible. I can function just fine. Most days I do not have really any trouble at all. If I let up on my exercises or do not go in for an adjustment when it starts to hurt, I can set my progress back a bit. I keep up on it now more than ever now that I am getting older. It helps me feel my best every day.

amimo / December 1, 2016 / Uncategorized