Seniors Need to Be Careful when Outdoors in Extreme Temperatures

The winter season has always made me so happy. I try to wait for it patiently every year. But now that I’m older, I have to be more careful when the temperatures fall down to 5 degrees of less. Just one thing that has happened to me is that I slipped on the ice outside and broke my hip. It took a long time to heal, and when it finally did, I still had problems I went to a Cumming chiropractor to get some help because of it. I am quite pleased at the outcome.

It’s quite strange to me that no one really talks about cold weather and how that can affect seniors. It is quite true that many older people no longer have the ability to regulate their temperature in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Oh, we knew that some people here would shovel snow off their walk or driveway and have a heart attack. But we always assumed that was because the hard work to do that caused the heart attack. In reality, it’s a mix of the hard work in very cold temperatures that does that. Many people here still don’t do that.

Another concern is that when you break a bone when you’re a senior, it often takes longer to heal than it does if you are much younger. And when it does heal, you may need help getting back to feeling really good again. I was surprised that my doctor didn’t even send me to physical therapy after my last visit with him. So, after 6 months, and I no longer had any health insurance, I decided to see a chiropractor. He gave me lots of easy exercises to do at home. He also worked on my hip and made it feel so much better.

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