Taking Care of the Body of Now and Later

The entirety of the human body is almost completely supported by our spine and our joints. The trauma that we put our body through on a single day is mind boggling to say the least. We take for granted the myriad pressures and stresses that the body goes through every day and often forget that this body is the only one that we have. In years to come we’re going to have to cope with the ramifications of that damage as we attempt to live a life as an elder. Thankfully that’s what a West Phoenix Chiropractor is there for! When our body needs fixing they’re there to help patch us back together. Chiropractors practice an alternative medicine that focuses primarily on our bodily mechanics within the context of the musculoskeletal structure, especially our joints and the spine. Being only 31 I feel as if I’m balanced between two stages in my life.

I still possess the virility of my youth but I’m no longer convinced that I’m invincible. I’m all too aware that my body is aging and that the wear and tear I’m placing on it by exercising is going to come back on me when I’m older. It’s a strange conundrum. Exercising is an important and necessary part of taking care of ourselves but in the long run it’s possible that I’m doing damage that older me is going to have to cope with. It’s why I chose to stop running; the damage to the knees is atrocious and if there is one thing I’d really like to avoid in the future it’s having to deal with the pain that comes with having bad knees. Why isn’t there an exercising method that helps support the body now but also cares for it for the future, older self?

amimo / February 18, 2016 / Uncategorized