The Mechanics of Chronic Back Pain That Chiropractic Can Deal with

Have you ever had someone get on your nerves? I am reasonably certain that you have. They start out as a slight annoyance that builds to a crescendo of irritation that gets so bad that you want to scream or grab them and shake them silly. Ironically, back pain is like that too, and it is often caused by the same thing-nerve irritation. I heard that even the weight of a US quarter on a nerve can cause impairment or pain. I make visits to my Sacramento chiropractor to get the pressure off of my back. Literally, the pressure that is getting on the nerves in my back.

You have a super highway of nerves going into your back where two-way information for everything from your breathing to getting your stomach to digest your food travels through. Put a little pressure on just one of the nerves caused by a misaligned vertebra, and you get pain along with impairment. You get the pain from the nerve irritation caused by the pressure, and the body part the nerve serves is impaired due to the issues of nerve conduction being altered. So, your back can hurt and you can have other troubles in other parts of your body going on too. Take digestion for example. Press on the nerves in your back serving your stomach, and you get pain in your back and stomach problems. This is how the chiropractic makes a difference in your health.

If you have any doubts about this, what happens if you sever spinal nerves? Remember Christopher Reeve? He played Superman in the movies and was injured in a horse-riding incident. He went from being fit enough to play Superman to being in a wheelchair on a machine that made his lungs work to breathe. All because he damaged nerves in his spine. That is a severe example. Your back trouble is a small version of that going on if you have chronic pain.

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