The Silver Lining Found in Herpes

Those wishing for a Herpes cure may have a long wait ahead of them. As a fellow sufferer of this disease, I know exactly how you readers who are burdened with it feel. It’s a disease which makes a person feel like their entire life might be over. The day you are told that you have Herpes is going to be one of the worst days of your life, forever haunting you. The far reaching implications is what comes as the shock – knowing that your life has suddenly changed and radical ways is going to rock you on your heels.

There are times where I am marginally grateful that I have Herpes. I know, I know. It sounds like a terrible joke but there is some truth in it. Herpes has given me insights into my personal responsibility toward sex and how my actions can impact others. I don’t think of it just in the context of sex anymore. I look at each of my individual choices and my actions, doing my best to see how they might effect the lives of others. Just like if I had sex with someone with didn’t know I had Herpes, I could cause them harm.

It’s this new insight which has lead me to become a better person. Yes, I do feel restricted by Herpes. I do feel ashamed of it. But there are lessons to be learned in all that we do and it is far better to find those lessons, to find the new way of thinking, that can arise out of these horrible moments. It won’t make the Herpes go away but at the very least we do have treatments available to help diminish the rashes that come and go. With my new sense of responsibility, I feel that I am a better and more mature person.

amimo / July 16, 2014 / Uncategorized