They Helped Me to Get Healthy

I never thought I would see a chiropractor in San Leandro to help me get healthier. If I had been in a car accident, I can definitely see being at one. If I was injured playing a game of ball, then that is one of the doctors I would want on my recovery team. Even if my wife was pregnant, I’d understand her wanting to go see a chiropractor since that is pretty common knowledge anymore for pregnant women. However, I had no idea that my doctor would suggest that I see a chiropractor when I told him that I wanted to get serious about getting in better shape.

I knew that meant more than just eating less and exercising more. If it was that easy, I could have done this on my own. It involves a lot more though, especially since I was never in an environment where I was getting all of the nutrients that a person needs for a healthy body. If you put a plate of healthy food in front of me and a plate of food that looks healthy but is not, I would not know the difference between the two.

However, my body definitely would know the difference, and that is why I needed help in making the right choices. It is about more than just food choices, as supplements play a large role in the process too. My primary care physician explained to me that a chiropractic doctor has had the nutritional training to help people like me. They also have the necessary knowledge when it comes to fitness counseling, and it seemed like the right fit for me. I went to the one he referred me to, and I could not be happier with what I learned there. I know that I would not be where I am today without their guidance with my nutritional and fitness needs!

amimo / October 7, 2017 / Uncategorized