Those Sheets of Drywall Were Tougher on My Back Than They Were Years Ago

It was not all that difficult to renovate our daughter’s bedroom down to the framing. I threw out the all the debris onto tarps from the window in her room. Ruiz Morgan and I ran all new wiring and put new plumbing in the connected bathroom. My wife and our daughter helped me carry all the new drywall up the stairs. It was over 20 sheets. I did great up until that point. I wanted to bear most of the weight of the drywall carrying it up the stairs and I paid for it. I had to look up Sacramento chiropractors and pick one to visit. I really did a number on my back.

We saved a lot of money with me doing the renovations to her room and bathroom. I used to do construction for a living, but I have been a computer nerd for a lot of years now. I just did not have my construction worker muscles any longer. I strained muscles in my back I did not know I even had. I also felt a tingling in my right arm. I knew it was some kind of nerve thing coming out of my neck. It seems that if you know construction, it is not hard to figure out the wiring of a body. The nerve pain was not comfortable at all.

Our daughter had to sleep another week on the couch while I recuperated from my back trouble. A few visits to the chiropractor kept the delay from becoming more than a week. I was able to get back to work and finish the job. It looks great. Now we need to move the furniture back in. I feel like I should do a preemptive visit to the chiropractor. Oh, I know it does not work that way. I’m just saying.

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