Welcome to L Hosting Bar where we put the Looksy in your Website

Welcome to L Hosting Bar where we put the Looksy in your Website!

I know there isn’t much to look at right now while we get things in hosting order around here, but believe me this is gonna be a great ride.

Shared Hosting VS Domain

One of the simple things that I get asked all the time is the difference between hosting and a domain.

Now to a lot of people they may think of them as the same thing, but they are two very distinct things, and in a manner of speaking they are both required for a website.

Behind the scenes on the internet, everything is a bunch of 1s and 0s, but humans don’t like to remember things that way so we like to associate characters with things, so that’s what brought about the domain names.  Now, a domain can exist all by itself, but it doesn’t do much good if people can’t load up a website and see what it’s all about.  Now, you do need a website too, but neither hosting nor a domain equates to a website.

Now, every website needs a place to store the data, and this is where the shared hosting plans come in.  Every website has to have a place on a server to store files, images, HTML and all of the other files that are associated with a website.  A shared hosting account is an account on a server that has access to the internet and usually can serve up websites.  The shared aspect is that the owner of the server has decided to split the server into multiple little pieces for different people or sites to use.  This usually is much more efficient since most websites are not that busy, at least with the amount of power that is available these days on web servers.

Here is a video that kind of explains the differences in hosting, domains and websites:

What do you think?  Pretty easy huh?